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BtoTree World EXPO
The Global B2B Network

The BtoTree WORLD EXPO extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities focused around any location, category and interest.

We have simplified the process for your business to be visible on a global scale. BtoTree World EXPO is a global online B2B platform where businesses have unprecedented opportunities to network, build relationships, promote products, and create opportunities around the world. It extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities. Join the world’s online B2B community. It’s easy to start and it’s Free!

Bringing Businesses Together In One

Create Your Own EXPO

Create your own EXPO and build a targeted community of individuals and businesses

Any individual, business or organization can instantly join or create multiple expos.

There’s so many benefits to having a highly engaged BtoTree EXPO. Your EXPO is a community where you and your members build close relationships, promote products and services, share knowledge, expertise and support each other. By becoming an EXPO creator you can position yourself as a leader in your niche.


The Most Versatile Trade Exposition

Money: It’s Free! Forever

  Time: Now & Permanent

 Space: Unlimited

  Place: Everywhere


Changing Global Trading & B2B Networking

Imagine this…

You could attend your favorite trade shows, display your products and services to customers all around the world to see. Network and receive countless inquiries.

And you could do it on your own, with no technical skills, instantaneously and from any location.

Allowing people and businesses to share a common interest, a common passion in a common market

Great Benefits for All Members, All Free!



Attractive Showcase

Create an attractive showcase of your products. Present your brand globally just the way you want!

Keep 100% of Your Sales

BtoTree does not take any commission when you trade. You will get 100% of your sales transactions.

Build Your B2B Network

With the WORLD EXPO buyers and partners around the world can find and connect with you easily. 

Online EXPO Solutions for the Modern Business

It has never been easier to start a global business with a five-star image

What’s A BtoTree Business Page?

Your BtoTree Business Page is much more powerful than your website. It makes your brand international instantaneously because it is already connected with a global B2B network.

Easy      Smart      Attractive       Ads Free

Your BtoTree Business Page is a website connected with your global audience. You can easily create a stunning showcase of your products and services with no technical skills. It is a lead generation page that allows you to run worldwide advertising.  Once set up, your online showcase is always on. Your products are shown in multiple expos on our network simultaneously based on location and industry, so that buyers and partners around the world can find you easily.

Members’ Business Pages



More Powerful Than Any Trade Show!
Without The Limit Of Money, Time, Space and Location

BtoTree EXPO core idea resembles the one of a traditional trade show, but it is able to serve every industry, niche and interest better and in a more effective way than any traditional trade show ever could. It’s the place where professionals and businesses can create their own business pages, and join or create communities to network within them. These communities are called “BtoTree EXPOs.”

By Country


By Category


By Interest

Unlimited EXPOs

How It Works

Make the most out of the BtoTree online business community. Join Btotree, grow your business and expand your network internationally. It’s really easy to get started.

1. Create Your Individual Profile

Introduce yourself to the BtoTree community and fill in your professional information to get started on BtoTree.

2. Create Your Business Profile

Create your company profile to present your products and services to the BtoTree community.

3. Create Your Products Showcase

Just as a trade show, build your B2B Global Shop and showcase your products to a targeted international audience.

4. Expand Your Business Network

Search and connect with professionals, buyers, sellers and service providers from all over the world.

5. Join BtoTree EXPOs

When you Join BtoTree you are part of a global business community built around a specific location, category and interest.

6. Create Your Own EXPO

BtoTree EXPOs can be created by an individual or a company. EXPO members can showcase their products and services. They can be public, private or secret.

Empowering Small Businesses

A world-class B2B platform that provides everything you need for growing your business globally

– Instant Credibility
– Make New Connections
– Build Relationships
– Find Buyers & Partners
– Share & Collaborate
– Grow Your Business

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Take Your Business To The Next Level Globally

BtoTree is the world’s most versatile trade exposition. It is designed to serve every industry equally well, no matter how broad or focused. Any individual, business or organization can instantly join or create multiple expos by location, category or any unique interest, and you can do all of this for free.

BtoTree Better Business Everywhere!