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Global Market Entry Services

Since 1952 we have provided great service. We can help Your business at any stage from exporting to market research, finding partners and setting up operations in the world. Establish Your export department today. We are located in The Yokohama Landmark Tower, main trading city, Yokohama.

We Bring Great Japanese Products to the World’s Market

In Japan, there are many amazing and high-quality products with long historical backgrounds, buried assets to all over the world, not only industrial products, but also the traditional crafts, architect materials, foods, variety goods, tools etc. that have been handed down for generations since the Edo period.


Our Global Network.

Since the foundation of Dai-ichi Shoji in 1952, we have been establishing overseas network branches in Japan, China, East-Asia and Latin America to support the business of our clients.


Fashion, Machinery, Food, Home, Garden, Technology…

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Partnership with BtoTree Digital Platform

As a Trusted Reliable Partner of BtoTree, we support your Online and Offline Business in Japan. Experience and knowledge is everything in the world of B2B. Our experienced staffs can support you.

WE OFFER digital online and offline integrated marketing

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We started with the development of export business attending SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) nearly 70 years ago. There are a lot of barriers in export business, such as language, export procedures, currency exchange, payment collection. But don’t worry. We will do everything for you.

Take Your Business To The Next Level in the Japan

The combination of online marketing (digital platform) with offline support leads to good results. We propose “One team” marketing with dividing each role. Manufacturers are responsible for making good products and we are responsible for selling these good products to overseas.

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We work with trusted partners, who are experts in their own industries in Japan. We partner with agencies that we know and trust to provide Japan market entry strategies that will deliver growth.

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We fully supports you using our local staffs and Japanese staffs and agencies not only in China and Vietnam, but also in other Asian countries, the United States, Europe, Latin America, etc.

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