Give every group member an attractive showcase to promote their brand, products and services.


Upgrade your online groups into BTOTREE ONLINE EXPO COMMUNITIES.

A new B2B platform that provides a business page with an attractive showcase to every member of your group.

Connect your members through their products and services for free. Create global business opportunities for your group members by inviting them to be part of your online expo community on BtoTree.

Expo Communities

is a community for its members to connect, build relationships, promote products and services, share knowledge and do business with each other.

Unique Value Proposition

Attractive Showcase

Create an attractive online showcase with all your member listings

Higher Engagement

Increase member engagement from anywhere in the world

Earn 100% of Revenue

Monetize your EXPO with sponsors

BUILD more synergies among members

Promote engagement among members throughout the digital expos.

EXPAND further members business networking

Identify potential members while stay connected with existing members.

CREATE additional sales channels for members

Accelerate business process and instant communication.

What does an Association Expo do?

Strengthens membership community

Promotes Association brand

Increases member engagement

Showcases members to one another

Requires minimal effort and time

Association Brand Expansion

A great branded environment for your members

Add your best photos and set your control options

Members connect under your brand umbrella

Association membership noted on member business pages

Association membership noted on individual member pages

Automatic branding if members join with your link.

POWERFUL EXPO Brand Presence

Your Logo Visible on Every Member:

Your logo potentially appears on tens of thousands of product pages!

Fantastic exposure to new prospective members for your organization

You Are In Charge of Your Expo

Fully control your expo membership and participation options.

Expo Settings

Set preferences including expo visibility and numbers of products for each member.

Approve Members

Send invites and approve membership requests, including application form options.

Approve Product Listings

Including based on association membership levels.

Control Own Posts

Limit posting permissions only to admins and moderators or allow members to post with approval options.

POWERFUL EXPO Management Tools

Manage memberships for both individuals and businesses

Enhance sponsor visibility, set rates and earn 100% of the fees

Set member levels and privileges

Full control over visibility: Public-Private-Hidden

Share on social media

Control listings as well as membership

Members can share posts

Member Engagement

requires participation from its members to generate valuable experiences and feel more connected with the association.

Association Expo Visibility Options


Private expos are visible only to approved members.

Limit access to your expo exclusively to your association members by making it private.


Public expos are visible to everyone but require approval to join.

Attract new members to your association with a public expo for all visitors.

Grow Your Sponsorship Opportunities and

Earn 100% of Revenue

Attractive Sponsor Page   

Vividly present the supporters of your organization.

Set Sponsorship Priority 

Highlight your best sponsors. Display appropriate hierarchy.

Add Up To 100 Sponsor Logos

Plenty of room to show and grow Association support.

Attract More Sponsors!

New potential sponsors can clearly see the value.

It’s Easy to Get Started

1. Create Your Expo

Add your best photos and set your control options

2. Invite Members

Send your EXPO link to make it easy!

3. Members Join

They will discover a new benefit of your organization

4. Approve Members

Only members you confirm can join

5. Business Network

Members connect and do business under your brand

Invite Your Members to connect, build relationships, promote products and services, share knowledge and do business with each other.




Trust & Credibility

Members can show your Association name and logo on their business page to establish trust and credibility.

Products & Services Showcase

Members can showcase their products and services to other members & to the world


Members can access your expo from their office or on-the-go on mobile & laptop.

Networking Opportunities

Members can discover, connect, build, and manage relationships.

Business Growth

Members can find new partners and start new business deals to grow their business within your online community.


Association Brand Expansion

Your members connect, interact and build relationships in a persistently branded environment.

Added Membership Value

The association provides great new showcase and networking options to its members.

Minimal Effort

It is easy to start and requires minimal effort to create and manage your online expo.

Grow Membership

Grow your membership by dramatically increasing your association visibility through your own members.

Higher Traffic

Greater visibility means higher traffic to any other online assets that you wish to promote.

100% Revenue

Monetize with Memberships, Ads and Sponsorships. All fees you charge go directly to you.

Create Your Own

Association EXPO

Association EXPO is a community where you and your members to connect, build close relationships, promote products and services, share knowledge and do business with each other

There are so many benefits to having a highly engaged Association EXPO. It can be created by any members or organizations. Association EXPO members can publish posts, share comments and especially showcase their products and services within Association EXPO community. Association EXPO can be public, private or secret. Create your own Association EXPO and build close-knit, targeted community of like-minded individuals and businesses. Association EXPO is a community where you and your members to connect, build close relationships, promote products and services, share knowledge and do business with each other.

BtoTree Brings More Value To Your Members

BtoTree extends your brand and gives you more options and control.


Your association keeps 100% of any sponsorship and membership fees


  • 300 Members
  • 15 Products / Member
  • Association Logo
  • Email Support


  • 1000 Members
  • 50 Products / Member
  • Association Logo
  • Silver Badge to Members
  • Priority Support


  • 3000 Members
  • 200 Products / Member
  • Association Logo
  • Gold Badge to Members
  • Priority Support

Empowering Small Businesses

Bringing your members together through your Association Expo


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