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BtoTree is the essential part of your global marketing strategy. Adding exponential value with a virtual showcase that is constantly available and representing the best of your business in real time. Your global B2B engagement starts with BtoTree.



  • Global B2B Business Page
  • Products & Services Showcase
  • Link To Your Official Website
  • Link To Your Social Media
  • Link To Your Associations
  • Link To Your Trade Shows
  • Connect with B2B Partners
  • Publish Posts to Community
  • Chat & Messaging System
  • Full Trading Capability
  • Global SEO Enhancement
  • Zero Commission on Sales
  • No External Advertisement
  • Global Marketing
  • Buyers can follow you
  • Build Your Business Network
  • Your Team Members
  • TAGS
  • BtoTree WORLD EXPO

  • World Expo Member
  • Join Multiple EXPOs
  • Join Category EXPOs
  • Join Regional EXPO
  • Join Country EXPO
  • Join Members Expos
  • Create Your Own EXPOs

  • Create Your Own EXPOs up to 30
  • Monetize Your EXPO
  • EXPO Members Unlimited
  • Products Showcase

WORLD EXPO helps your business to create opportunities and build relationships by sharing a common interest in a common market.

Empowering Small Businesses


You can make new business connections and find professionals on BtoTree. See what you have in common or how you can collaborate. BtoTree helps you maintain relationships and stay more connected. Business opportunities arise from the relationships that you already have and from the ones that you can develop on BtoTree. 


BtoTree Is Changing How International B2B Networking Is Done.

BtoTree EXPO core idea resembles the one of a traditional trade show, but it is able to serve every industry, niche and interest better and in a more effective way than any traditional trade show ever could. It’s the place where professionals and businesses can create their own business pages, and join or create communities to network within them. These communities are called “BtoTree EXPOs”.
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