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The first step to a successful experience on the WORLD EXPO is by creating your Business Page in English. Your Business Page in the WORLD EXPO is much more powerful than your website. It is even more powerful than any other B2B network in which a typical company page shows just basic information and facts about the company. BtoTree helps you build your online brand page in English with an attractive and relevant online showcase of your products. Connect with a global B2B network of buyers, sellers and service providers.

Attractive Showcase

Create an attractive showcase of your products. Present your brand globally just the way you want!

Keep 100% of Your Sales

BtoTree does not take any commission when you trade. You will get 100% of your sales transactions.

Build Your B2B Network

With the WORLD EXPO buyers and partners around the world can find and connect with you easily. 


BtoTree Helps You Creating an Attractive Showcase of Your Products in English

We want to make your international B2B experience effortless and impactful by turning your Business Page into a lead generation page. BtoTree allows you to run worldwide advertising that can be extremely targeted by any location, any industry and any interest. When you join BtoTree you are automatically allocated in the WORLD EXPO, in Japan EXPO, in your prefecture EXPO and also in the categories EXPOs, so that buyers and partners around the world can find you easily.  We help you make your global Business Page complete.




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Your Exclusive Benefits

Other Great Benefits for All Members

WORLD EXPO helps your business to create opportunities and build relationships by sharing a common interest in a common market.

Empowering Small Businesses


You can make new business connections and find professionals on BtoTree. See what you have in common or how you can collaborate. BtoTree helps you maintain relationships and stay more connected. Business opportunities arise from the relationships that you already have and from the ones that you can develop on BtoTree. 

What’s A BtoTree Business Page?

Get A Smart, Affordable and Attractive Global Business Page Today. Your BtoTree Business Page is much more powerful than your website.

What exactly is the difference between your website and a BtoTree Business Page? A BtoTree Business Page is a website connected in a B2B world network where your audience is. It is a 21st century solution for your doing business globally.  We have everything your growing business needs for instant credibility: World-class B2B platform where you can easily connect & trade with buyers & sellers around the world


BtoTree Is Changing How International B2B Networking Is Done.

BtoTree EXPO core idea resembles the one of a traditional trade show, but it is able to serve every industry, niche and interest better and in a more effective way than any traditional trade show ever could. It’s the place where professionals and businesses can create their own business pages, and join or create communities to network within them. These communities are called “BtoTree EXPOs”.

By Country


The Country Expo presents your company in your home market.

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By Category


The Category Expo presents your offerings within your industry.

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